Miodrag Perin

Senior Director

Corporate HR Strategy &


Systems Bertelsmann

What I currently do:

I lead the global transformation in Recruiting for Bertelsmann from legacy recruiting technologies and focused on a multi year strategy to converge globally to SuccessFactors Recruiting, Onboarding and Recruiting Marketing. With a strong focus to stay connected to a world that’s changing faster than ever. I am a progressive Human Resources Leader with roots in traditional Human Resources practices. 

I pride myself in providing and delivering on forward-looking strategies and executing on top line, value driven deliverables for a workforce that is always plugged, connected, and turned on. 


I consider myself to be a 3 way split in technology, strategy, and innovation.

I am also an experienced HR Leader with key focus on bringing innovation to the holistic umbrella of talent management, talent acquisition, leadership, software, Human Resources Strategy, and the integration of software, web, social media, and third party systems. Strong focus on mashing employer branding, talent management strategy, talent acquisition strategy, and business intelligence/big data analytics. 


I consider myself a “Big Picture” Visionary with strong passion in technical innovation, people & project. Strong experience managing people, budgets, and big-picture HT initiatives and projects to flawless execution. 

Fluent in Serbo-Croatian and Romanian. Conversational Spanish and Russian. Beginner French.


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