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I'm ready to help you starting immediately:

Starting immediately here is how I can help you locally (NYC Area) or Virtually (anywhere in the world).

(1)If you are a business trying to make sense of the new future of work, need somebody who can speak HR, Employee, CEO and IT language in the same sentence - let me help you make sense of the tools, ideas, and strategies. Let's take it to the finish line together.

(2)If you are an HR Department living and working in a new world of madness trying to get your workforces to align, give your employees the right setup, software, tools, and even hardware -- let me help you organize, and let IT focus on running the business, I can augment the third-party, outside view on things and help you reach the right balanced decisions on business continuity.


(3)If you are an HR Department stuck running implementations in the middle of this, let me help you work, manage, organize and run these projects back at full speed, and bring back the value you originally aimed to provide.


(4)If you are an HR Department, and did not take the right time to think about succession, talent, and the future - let's get together and prepare the workforce plan and contingency plans necessary to keep the company moving, if you don't have a full organizational succession plan starting with leadership going down to the folks running your machines, you are putting the company at risk, let's talk and work together to prepare.

(5....)OR any of these classic case things I have spent 20+ years moving the needle at Bertelsmann Worldwide or Foot Locker.you all a safe journey through this crisis, and if I can do anything to help - don't hesitate to give me a shout.

If you are a C-Suite Executive and want the inside story of why your Talent Process could do better, where gaps on skill assessment lie, how to ensure top performers do not fall through the cracks of hiring success, please contact me - I can walk you through some critical strategic misses in enterprise hiring processes.

Available for Immediate Consulting Assignments

Specializing with over 20 years of dedicated experience in the software, SaaS, and HCM space.  Experienced leader with extensive hands on company transformation experience in the following areas.

  • Software implementation (Successfactors, HCM - Human Capital Software, ATS - Applicant tracking systems, HRIS - Systems of Record, Assessments, E-Learning, Job Distribution, Site and Job Search
  • Software integrations with core systems or on premise and third party providers
  • HCM, HRIS, Talent Suite implementation, configuration, management, and maintenance
  • Audit and Pre-Audit documentation
  • Software comparison and assessment
  • Brainstorming sessions and scope refinement
  • Software vendor assessment
  • Web launch activities
  • Technical Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Scope definition process
  • Service setup
  • Project setup
  • Process documentation, and Process design, redesign
  • Change management
  • Vendor or Consultant management
  • Training and Development
  • Manuals, materials, and documentation
  • Secret shopper program for corporate initiatives
  • Innovation days
  • Escalation and Vendor relationship management

Other specialities include Recruiting, innovation workshops, training workshops, data and insights workshops.


Other specialties available on demand.  Rates are hourly or on a project basis.

Currently seeking a leadership opportunity in the SaaS, Project, Product, and Technology sector in traditional IT and/or HR functions.

I have worked at Bertelsmann for over 20 years where I have been instrumental in most of the HR Recruiting technology and infrastructure.  I led the build out of the first global home-grown applicant tracking system, then the migration onto Microsoft .Net.  I have led 6 full-scale end-to-end career site implementations (scope, design, technology, content, branding, IT/Tech, Launch, Q/A, etc.) . I have built several portals on various platforms, I have taken our internally built tool (berecruiter) public, sold it to three customers and made a profit which we were able to reinvest in the product internally. I have managed an app build out that gained over 25,000 subscribes at the time. 


In 2011 I took a break and went to Foot Locker for 3 years where I implemented globally Pereless systems ATS, Success Factors, Infor Talent Science assessment (globally), and TMP Talent brew for all the foot locker brands.  I also was responsible for Talent Management for the US Executive population where I took the entire process digital and introduced digital talent reviews using SAP successfactors and ipads to the board room (this process is still in place). 


I came back to Bertelsmann for the last 5 years to manage the global recruiting implementation of successfactors.  In this capacity I have been responsible for everything from the strategy, project management, configurations, compliance (data, EEO & OFCCP, GDPR), managing consultants, testing, Q/A, adoption strategies, and stakeholder management.  My recruiting project at Bertelsmann is a huge testament to what can be done with the right project organization: I have been able to implement successfactors recruiting, career site builder, recruiting posting system, background checking, and others within 1 single global requisition template.  This means that at Bertelsmann we have 1 way of doing things in 54 countries, 14 system languages, across over 600 active, decentralized business units.  My whole life and career has been the culmination of the job description below.  I am a native New Yorker, I speak 6 languages, and consider myself a global citizen.  I am a pragmatic technologist wrapped around with a heavy Software as a Services (SaaS), HR layer, wrapped around a heavy Project and Product management layer all wrapped in a progressive human experience manager.


I have led many people to success, I have had about 20 interns work for me over the years - every single one of them is now a leader, some work at the CIA, Google, Facebook, and some are entrepreneurs in Mexico and Germany. 

What I recently worked on:

I led the global transformation in Recruiting for Bertelsmann from legacy recruiting technologies and focused on a multi year strategy to converge globally to SuccessFactors Recruiting, Onboarding and Recruiting Marketing. With a strong focus to stay connected to a world that’s changing faster than ever. I am a progressive Human Resources Leader with roots in traditional Human Resources practices. 

I pride myself in providing and delivering on forward-looking strategies and executing on top line, value driven deliverables for a workforce that is always plugged, connected, and turned on. 


I consider myself to be a 3 way split in technology, strategy, and innovation.

I am also an experienced HR Leader with key focus on bringing innovation to the holistic umbrella of talent management, talent acquisition, leadership, software, Human Resources Strategy, and the integration of software, web, social media, and third party systems. Strong focus on mashing employer branding, talent management strategy, talent acquisition strategy, and business intelligence/big data analytics. 


I consider myself a “Big Picture” Visionary with strong passion in technical innovation, people & project. Strong experience managing people, budgets, and big-picture HT initiatives and projects to flawless execution. 

Fluent in Serbo-Croatian and Romanian. Conversational Spanish and Russian. Beginner French.


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